Our vision is to Create fully-attuned, values aligned, holistic strategies for effective, efficient, and empowered organizations

Our mission is to facilitate high performance adaptive teams through critical reflection and dialogue around psychological characteristics that impact and sustain supportive values-aligned environment

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Organizational Development

The scope of organizational development (OD) is vast and diverse. It seeks to study organizational change
and performance. The study of human relations gave birth to the discipline of organizational development, and although the
primary focus of OD is change and the performance of organizations, it has expanded its reach in recent
years. Today, OD also covers organizational culture, knowledge management, and much more. This specialty focuses on deriving principles of individual, group, and organizational behavior, and applying this knowledge to achieve issue resolution in the workplace. Types of issues include but are not limited to, the need to identify training and development needs; implement training programs and evaluate their effectiveness; develop criteria to evaluate the performance of individuals and the organization; and assess consumer preferences, customer satisfaction, and market strategies.

As an I/O psychologist, I am trained in the theories and processes of OD. I administer scientific evaluations and assessments for the purposes of identifying and addressing workplace issues.

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