Our vision is to Create fully-attuned, values aligned, holistic strategies for effective, efficient, and empowered organizations

Our mission is to facilitate high performance adaptive teams through critical reflection and dialogue around psychological characteristics that impact and sustain supportive values-aligned environment

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Workshops and Seminars

Growth, development, and learning to apply new skills is accomplished through
workshops and seminars. These presentations are tailored to the specific needs of your organization, and can utilize
your company’s existing content. I work with your leadership to develop training and evaluate the
success of the content application.

To assist your organization in developing and implementing an
organizational development (OD) initiative, assessments and interviews may be necessary. The
process starts with determining the current state of operations, identifying where the organization
would like to be, and how to recognize the achievement of that goal. We would then evaluate the current
capabilities of leadership and employees, identify areas for growth, and map a plan to achieve the level
of competency to achieve success. This process may be in the form of workshops, seminars, group training, or
coaching sessions that empower leaders and employees together. We would focus on behaviors that support
productivity, motivation, and retention, enabling leaders to offer a direction towards the
achievement of the set business objectives.

Collaboration and effective communication at work are vital components of OD. It seeks to form a team
comprised of leaders and employees that support the vision of the organization. This also facilitates
beneficial relationships between stakeholders that commit to the realization of the vision.

Here is an example of a virtual seminar, conducted in partnership with the American College of Education.

Let’s work together.